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released March 20, 2014

Recorded/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Joel Otte at studiotte



all rights reserved


2194 Hartland, Michigan

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Track Name: The Light Controller
Somewhere in noiseless lanes
young wandering couples still embrace
to feel whole again
one sick, the other shivers
seeking out an end before the world
depletes itself

Have you ever seen the wasted lives?
still screaming out
their chorus brings such unbearable comfort
when the sounds make it under your skin
have you ever felt the dimming lights?
still beaming out
condemning us to ever darker shadows
and it never ends

Lives meant to fall apart
are held together by their hope
corrupts the heart
dark smoke will always rise
a listless joining with good works
left undone
Track Name: Juche
No words
can describe how this hunger eats away
in a frenzy fed by loss, fear and loss
each day, smaller rations claim our wage
yet, we remain unchanged by this simple
bloodless coup, where men's pride
we'll drag heavy as a weight

No quarter should be given to unburied dead

Bright and distant like aircraft lights
stands the promise of a life
like a lamp who's light you've lit
but through the process drained your sight
revolution knows only blame
first as whispers then as screams

Sewing only seeds to feed our loss
Track Name: Another's Brass
Every thief is made familiar
when castes draw us into lines
we have no pity left for such ranks
haven't pity for ourselves
two echos never in repose

From common earth to common grave

All lives will be slaves to other slaves
or caged and indebted to themselves

As together they had fallen
so together they will lie
a toast to the weak
mutes their defeat
while trampled underneath the feet of
an ever restless mob
is the ever restless mob

From common earth to common grave

Kneaded like clay with their own blood
into forms they won't know
while living tethered to stagnant homes
that were handed down

As together they had fallen to their fears
so together they will lie
sewn together by their fate
til death we're enslaved
Track Name: Growing Up From Below
Losing direction
fearing that we've been down this road before
needing to bring back a meaning to the words
and notes to their sounds or feel the privilege
there was in holding one's hand

These intensions grow bleak or go numb
leaving us to watch our works turn to rust
dig in deeper to know just where you'll lie
graves are dug in comfort where there's worn a rut

So pick a poison that it may guard us all from our fears
because knowing your fate does nothing at all
to diminish it's pain
without a passion
without a purpose
our limbs will dig up
and make hollow the earth
Track Name: Dead Drums Beat
Staged etiquette, waring words, leave out the answers that they said
could heal all of these wounds
forced to forget, leaving the past, leaving the actions that you took
up to those who weren't there
breathe in all the blame, scaring the lungs
your innards will bleed without a source
you will drown in yourself

Ignite fiction, bred from reaction
could it silence the loss and bring death without pain?

Bound to repeat, vividly bright
the image in your mind will soon blind
leaving you more alone

Caught in between, not quite dead, not quite asleep

It turns earth into fire, declares the absence of all faith
but still claims piety
blood washes out every road that could lead you back to health
now nothing will return

Bleed yourself and watch the color fade away
Dead drums beat but the pulse remains lost